Every year we develop many projects with different scope, duration and complexity.

Our experience in over 300 projects for dozens of multinational corporations and global organizations in 12 countries reflect our ability to successfully cope and resolve the challenge of developing projects of great complexity and scale . 

Each of them is a single challenge for our team, with one possible outcome: deliver on the date committed, adequately cover the requirements, comply with the agreed budget .

Among all, we selected several which are characterized by some special features: functional complexity, workteam, duration, application of innovative technologies.

Thus, we selected four projects that reflect both the technical diversity and complexity involved in managing voluminous workteams in Argentina, Latin America and Europe.

  • International Criminal Court
  • Coca Cola FEMSA
  • Kimberly -Clark
  • United Nations






" We have worked with TGV during more than ten years in different areas. They have developed specific applications, doing reengineering of existing systems and provided people for specific internal projects. We have had very good experience also with the ABAP and JAVA resources they provided for our software factory.
They are very professional and the kind of supplier you know you can trust."

Jorge Amadeo
LAS IT Lead - Monsanto