Our clients are dynamic organizations undergoing a constant technological evolution to optimize their processes.

Through specialized consulting services and our mastery of SAP technologies, TGV helps clients to comply with their requirements, obtaining the maximum benefits of the SAP platform.


For companies planning to implement SAP, TGV has the necessary skills to create an implementation plan, design the blueprints, set the parameters and lead the operative start-up of the package, guaranteeing the best use of the technology.

In order to do this, TGV’s SAP consultants conduct a thorough analysis of the company’s business processes to be automated. We identify how SAP will support each process to then build a model for those circuits in the software; then, we customize the package, defining (if necessary) additional developments, migrating data and starting up the system once its users are trained.


Today’s market and business dynamic, new technological paradigms and the evolution in our clients’ operative procedures may make modeling on SAP inadequate, or even worse, obsolete.

Technical know-how and ongoing SAP training form part of the integral vision held by our professionals, allowing us to identify new processes to be reflected in how TGV determines and sets the parameters for the package.

In doing this, TGV activates those new modules that benefit your business, reducing costs, while accelerating and maximizing the return on your investment.

If additional circuits are added which require the development of software components to support these functionalities, TGV carries out the development efficiently and in accordance with SAP best practices.


Periodically, SAP adapts its software to reflect new operational modalities in the business world as well as new technological trends.

When a new release becomes available in the market, TGV participates in the planning and implementation of the package upgrade, helping each client to define technical and functional gaps which may affect its installation.

This service is generally provided onsite, but if the impact of the change permits it, or if the client’s needs require it, the changes can be made remotely using secure connections.