Success stories

Launch of JD Edwards World E1 across Latam

The Da Vinci project aimed to make Cargill a faster and more efficient organization through the migration of JD Edwards World to E1 9.2.

Cargill needed to implement consistent processes across the group in a single system, reducing IT and business costs, and consolidating key information throughout the LAC region.

To do this, TGV supplied advisory services, maintenance and support for the implementation and deployment of JD Edwards E1 for Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay, Paraguay and Bolivia. Through the migration of JD Edwards World to Enterprise One 9.2, the analysis and implementation of customized developments, tax regulations for all countries and end user training were completed.

Accompanying our client with a project of 19,200 hours and a team of eight professionals, we provided the best-suited solutions to meet the client’s requirement:  

  • All Financial Management Suite.
  • All Order Management suite.
  • All Manufacturing and Engineering Suite.
  • All Supply Management Suite.
  • All Asset Lifecycle Management