Success stories

Forming part of the UN’s technical team

The largest international organization needed to strengthen its technical teams to provide SAP/ABAP technical support to the resources involved in the project. At the same time, they needed to carry out the data conversion of different HR legacy systems to a single SAP implementation.

Our contribution focused on the data analysis service in the different legacy systems belonging to the HR area within the United Nations secretariat; planning of the strategy and landscape to be used for data migration in SAP; active participation in the preparation of FSD (functional documentation) and TSD (technical specifications); development of prototypes and final developments of the data conversion [jobs/tasks] using Business Objects Data Services and in collaboration with the BI area to develop Webi reports.

By bring TGV onboard to form part of the UN team, the client was able to locally host the data conversion process throughout the entire HR implementation phase without requiring remote provision of the service from an external supplier, thereby achieving greater visibility and control over the process. Data from disparate systems hosted under different technologies (SQL, Oracle, Sybase, MySQL, Data Collection Files) was unified and consolidated.

Using BODS, business rules for data were introduced within the conversions, thereby generating less effort for functional resources and improving data conversion time. It also ensured faster training of UN technical resources who did not have any experience in SAP implementations as they were incorporated to the project.