Success stories

ECOS System: Interpreter assignment management module

ECOS is one of the International Criminal Court’s central information system projects. It is a software solution (a global CMS – judicial ERP system) integrated with some central applications that supports the court’s practices. It ensures more timely information for the automation of the organization’s judicial functions, contributing to cases and their administration, follow-up of decisions and the dissemination of information.

Due to the growing demand for interpreters to perform translations in different languages in each of the ICC’s judicial processes, a management module was needed to assign these interpreters in the ECOS system.

With a project of 26,400 hours and five professionals, TGV provided architecture and technical design services; technological migration of ECOS (Electronic Judicial System) with a continuous integration system using Maven and the Hudson tool; general maintenance of the ECOS systems, DetVDB (Visitor detention database) and UVT (Victims and witnesses unit); development of a new version of the court calendar (Court Calendar Mobile) with REST web services, Spring authentication protocol, Hibernate, Primefaces, jQuery and Kerberos.

Benefits obtained:

  • Support system to electronically manage interpreters’ workflow.
  • Development of new functionalities of ECOS, the core system used by the Court in the Hague: Scheduling of interpreters based on a centralized organization and quick assignment, tracking of hours worked and automatic transmission of schedules and tasks by email.
  • New version of the court calendar with a new mobile public view, which allows court officers to review and create events from their mobile devices.