Success stories

Systems integration for IC card operability

In order to enable the operability of IC (chip) cards, First Data, a global payment processing company, needed to adapt its processes.

To achieve this, TGV offered integration, support, implementation and testing services through analysis, design and programming; adaptation of the data model: establishing support to distinguish card chips card from magnetic stripes; systems integration to enable IC card operation; documentation of technical solutions and technical designs; unit and integral tests.

With a duration of 29,000 hours, the EMV issuing project, which included a team of eight Mainframe experts in IBM Z/OS, Cobol, CICS, DB2 and VSAM, achieved the objectives satisfactorily, with positive results for the client:

  • Incorporation of EMV interoperability standard.
  • Greater security, fraud reduction.
  • Availability of operability with both technologies: magnetic stripe and chip.
  • Assurance of the IC card operability.
  • IC card operability certification.
  • Improvements in the partners, authorizations, claims and SAFE system.
  • Embossing and distribution of cards with EMV technology.
  • Implementation of entire process locally.