Success stories

Optimizing warehouse operation with JD Edwards Orchestrator Studio

BGH, a major appliances and electronics manufacturer based in South America and Africa, set out to optimize its warehouse & distribution processes. The company sought out the following benefits:

  • Time savings in order processing
  • Controlled access to and integrity of the information
  • Real-time data updates
  • Improved and expedited entry and dispatch processes for finished goods
  • Significant reduction of errors caused by manual transactions
  • Early warnings and health information data alerts

JDE is BGH’s ERP but the warehouse was operated by a logistics operator that had its own software. That software had to be integrated with JDE.
JDE Orchestrator was used to integrate the data exchange and processing of the different software involved in a swift and seamless manner for the user.
The skills and expertise of TGV Americas in JDE Orchestrator and JDEdwards ERP were a key factor to the project’s success. In addition to mastering Orchestrator, knowledge and experience in the most advanced Oracle tools like Watchlists, IoT and CafeOne were critical.

With this integration, we replicated the following functionalities while respecting the characteristics and complexities of normal processes:

  • Master information:
    • Item master update
    • Address book update
  • Purchasing:
    • Direct reception
    • In-route receptions
  • Sales:
    • Order preparation
    • Shipping confirmation
    • Delivery notes generation
    • Invoice generation
    • Update data in JDE from Scanners