Our History

TGV works alongside leaders of the global IT industry to offer each client the most advanced technology suited to their needs.

Firmly established in the international market, TGV has more than 300 professionals working for the firm today, with the endorsement of client satisfaction on hundreds of successful projects. We positively validate the Level of Capacity 3 and Level of Maturity 2, in the areas of REQM, PP, PMC, MA, PPQA, CM, SEE, VAL, IPM, RSKM and DAR of the CMMI (Capability Maturity Model Integration) model.

TGV continued to grow in the main world markets, opening an office in Florida, USA.

TGV turned its focus toward its international expansion, inaugurating its first international subsidiary in Mexico (Monterrey). It also opened an office in San Francisco, province of Cordoba, Argentina.

Focused on establishing clear processes, TGV initiated the necessary steps to adhere to the industry’s quality standard: CMMI (Capability Maturity Model Integration) reaching maturity level 2.

Along with several other companies, TGV founded the IT hub Polo IT Buenos Aires, forming part of the board of directors. In order to offer the most advanced technology suitable to the unique needs and requirements of each client, TGV began to establish commercial alliances with SAP Partner.

A economic downturn in Argentina compelled us to seek prospects in the international market, resulting in our first international contract.

In order to maintain TGV’s growth pace and improve its services, the company underwent a review of all of its our processes and operating structure, spearheading a reengineering project of the organization, which was called CRECER [GROW in English].

Clients such as Philip Morris, Telecom Argentina, Loma Negra and Banco Rio hire TGV for ongoing services, which leads the company to increase its initial staff of five people to about 100 consultants.

TGV was founded in Buenos Aires, Argentina, by Tessio Osvaldo, Galindez Ernesto and Vicena Marta based on three fundamental pillars: Passion, Commitment and Vocation.