Industry expertise:
Our knowledge of information systems and our understanding of the productive business processes in our clients’ industries converge to deliver the best technological solution for our clients.

For nearly two decades, we have worked with important organizations in Latin America, North America and Europe developing and implementing large-scale systems.

Two key factors in determining our ongoing success have been our commitment to the highest quality levels in software development and the adoption of methodologies tested under the CMMI Maturity Level 3 model.

Technological expertise:
Our wide range of services involves an in-depth technical specialization, requiring knowledge of the various technologies in order to ensure our success in responding to our clients’ demands.

Membership to Microsoft, SAP, and Oracle alliance programs reflects the high standards of our services and products, as well as our drive to work with global IT industry leaders. 

Institutional Presence:
TGV founders are active in various prestigious institutions, and represent the TGV vision as member of the executive committee of the Chamber of Software and IT Services (CESSI) and as Honorary President of the Buenos Aires IT Pole.

International Experience:
In our drive to become an international company, TGV has developed projects in over 12 countries under the offshore modality as well as delivering on-site services.

We are reputed as respecting the terms and conditions of each project we are involved in, resulting in long-term relationships with our clients.

We are experts in the integration of pre-programmed software and tailor-made developments, as well as in modules of different world-class software packages.

Our in-depth technical expertise is accompanied by creativity, innovation and an iron will for success.