At TGV, we stride to honor our clients’ trust during each project, time and time again. Meeting deadlines and surpassing quality standards rooted in our profound knowledge of information technologies have made it possible for us to establish stable and long-lasting relationships with our clients, which continue to be mutually beneficial.



In May of 2008, TGV conducted a satisfaction survey among its clients; the company hired Prince & Cooke, a leader in IT and Telecommunications market research in Argentina, guaranteeing the impartiality and transparency of the report.

The overall conclusion of the survey was that clients are “very satisfied with the company and the services it provides”. The average score was 82 out of 100.

More than 50 managers from 32 of the most important companies in Argentina, Latin America and Europe participated in the study, covering every aspect of the services offered by TGV. Data was compiled about all our services and the main findings were:


Our differential: the human resources assigned to the projects
High levels of intention to hire again (94.5%) and recommend (96.4%)
96% of those surveyed consider our services to be of high quality
Main reasons to trust TGV: experience (47.3%), quality of our HR (43.6%)


Dou you plan to hire TGV again?

Would you recommend TGV´s services?


TGV was voted among the best employers in Argentina for five years running. Published annually by a local business and economics magazine called Apertura, the survey is based on interviews with the top human resources managers from the leading companies operating in the local market.

The ranking included leading global companies operating in the local market, including Microsoft, Coca Cola and Dell, all leaders in their corresponding segments. TGV occupied position #21 in the 2010 ranking of companies with the best work environment.

TGV is proud of these acknowledgements because they are testimonies to our ongoing efforts to improve the working environment, provide training and ensure the growth of each individual who forms part of the TGV team. TGV is driven to develop and implement the best possible human resource policies.